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Camping & Retreats

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Embrace the spirit of adventure with an excursion on Woodhill! Nestled on the northern edge of Price City, this 238-acre recreational property offers an incredible range of activities for all outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're into kite flying, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, or ATV adventures, the 50 miles of trails connected to the property have something for every skill level. And if you're looking to explore the area's rich history and geology, nearby destinations like 9 Mile Canyon, the Buckhorn Wash pictograph panel, and the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry await. Nestled halfway between Moab and Salt Lake City, we are within driving distance to multiple National and Utah State parks. Now is the perfect time to schedule your campsite or go even bigger with an individual or group retreat at Woodhill!


Our Story

Named for the early settlers who used to gather wood for heating their homes, Wood Hill has become a local favorite for outdoor enthusiasts. The land offers much more than just mountain biking – ATV trails, camping sites, and serene natural landscapes are all part of the Woodhill experience. Click the images below to learn more.

What adventure will you design? Sponsor is a non-profit organization that provides resources to survivors of intimate crimes and their supporters with no strings attached in a non-harmful way.


Empowered Camping

Teaching first time campers how to camp through a 3 day camping event. At this event, we teach people how to set up a tent, build a camp fire, and how to cook over the fire. We also take you on short hikes and bike rides and hold other empowering workshops to help you feel empowered to get outside.

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