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President and Founder

Michelle Rasmussen is a Price, UT native and coal miner’s daughter. She has been in the civil engineering industry since 1994 when she joined the U.S. Air Force. There she did site grading and road design. She has also worked for municipalities and various engineering firms.


Her passion for the outdoors is contagious.  An avid RVer, she has been taking her children camping since they were born. She is passionate about sustainable design and helping others reach their full potential. Her creativity and innovative  spirit are the heart of Michleigh Enterprises, Inc.


Woodhill has been favorite camping and mountain biking spot for decades. Currently, there are 50 Miles of trails accessed from the property. When Carbon and Emery County were first settled, it was the place to go to gather wood to heat local residents' homes.

The property was originally owned by Henry Chapman who received a full section from the U.S. Government. Lower elevations of the property were subdivided and sold as residential property now part of the Coves in Price City boundaries. Additional pieces of the property were sold to various utility companies for communication towers, a Price City water tank and gas wells. 

Moving forward, Michleigh Enterprises plans to built a first class recreational property where both locals and visitors to the area will enjoy the spectacular views from the plateau while playing hard and moving empowered.



Giving Back

Coming Soon
Aerial Ropes Course

Gain the confidence you need to overcome any obstacle


Coming Soon
Go Cart Race Track

Do you have a competitive spirit? This go cart race track will help you scratch that itch. 

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Business Objective

Build an RV park and  wind/solar farm that minimizes environmental effects while allowing, campers, hikers and mountain bikers to continue using the land as they have in the past. Proceeds from camping and trail races provide the funding for additional recreational activities in Price, UT.

Problems  to Solve

A global trend away from coal, with its hefty carbon footprint, for generating electricity is killing the Carbon and Emery County economy, leaving people without jobs. As coal mines close, supporting businesses close along with them.

​The long standing traditions and pride in knowing the community supplies power to so many people is preventing them from seeing the potential to remain in the Energy market where  over four trillion kilowatt-hours per year is needed in the U.S. alone  in order to fulfill its energy needs.

Although solar power creates no emissions that are harmful to human health and the environment, solar farms pose real environmental challenges, including habitat degradation and harm to wildlife. Additionally, when the sun is not shining, power cannot be produced.

Wind farms lead to "industrialization of the countryside"[5] and habitat loss. They are also known to kill birds that fly into the moving blades. Another drawback back is that when wind speeds are below 15  mph, the blades do not move to produce  power.

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