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About Michelle Rasmussen

Unlock Your Potential: Transformative Learning Solutions by Michelle Rasmussen

Michelle Rasmussen is a multi-disciplinary professional with over 20 years of experience in instructional design, learning content development, and customer success. She holds an MBA from Kaplan University and a Bachelor of Science in Geography from the University of Utah.

Michelle is recognized for her innovative approach to adult learning and professional development, offering transformative learning solutions. She excels in simplifying complex technical information for diverse audiences and is passionate about helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential.

In addition to her academic qualifications, Michelle holds certifications in breathwork, aqua aerobics, and personal coaching. She brings a unique blend of expertise to her work, combining her knowledge of instructional design with her holistic approach to wellness and personal development. Michelle's diverse skill set and human-centric approach make her an ideal partner for anyone seeking to enhance their learning content, develop their workforce, or improve their customer success initiatives.

Her Story

Michelle's journey in the civil engineering unit of the U.S. Air Force laid the foundation for her career. There, she honed her skills in drafting, design, GIS, and construction inspections. After completing her four years of active duty, she returned home to Utah, where her passion for technology and education flourished.

Her path led her to Salt Lake Community College, where she recognized a gap in training for Autodesk Land Desktop to Civil 3D transition. Determined to bridge this gap, she convinced the college to teach her the topic, in exchange for her teaching their students. This marked the beginning of her career as an adjunct faculty and program manager for the Autodesk Training Center, where she dedicated six years to teaching and sharing her expertise.

Michelle's next chapter unfolded at Rand Worldwide, where she spent 13 years helping Autodesk customers implement their technology, through training and implementation services. Her extensive experience and commitment to client success made her a valuable asset to the team. While there, she wrote 46 training manuals for their Ascent division which have been used around the world at Autodesk Training Centers.

For the past five years, Michelle has been an integral part of Autodesk, directly shaping the content strategy for customer success eLearning. Her role has allowed her to leverage her deep understanding of technology and education to create impactful learning experiences for Autodesk users.


Through each phase of her career, Michelle's dedication to learning, teaching, and making a difference has been unwavering. Her journey is a testament to her drive, passion, and unwavering commitment to excellence in everything she does.

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