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Unlock a world of well-being with the transformative benefits of breathwork. Whether you're seeking stress relief, improved focus, or enhanced vitality, breathwork has something for everyone.


Why Breathwork?

  • Stress Reduction: Achieve calmness through conscious breathing techniques.

  • Improved Mental Clarity: Enhance focus and boost cognitive function.

  • Emotional Regulation: Manage emotions for a balanced and harmonious life.

  • Enhanced Sleep: Relax your mind and body for a better night's sleep.

  • Increased Energy Levels: Revitalize your body with energizing breath practices.

  • Improved Respiratory Function: Strengthen your lungs and breathe more efficiently.

  • Lowered Blood Pressure: Support cardiovascular health through mindful breathing.

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance: Optimize your physical performance with breath control.

  • Pain Management: Complement your pain relief journey with soothing breathwork.

  • Mind-Body Connection: Foster a deeper understanding of your mental and physical states.


Embark on a journey to a healthier, more balanced life. Attend our workshops, try guided sessions, and experience the incredible impact of breathwork for yourself.

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6 Breathwork Sessions



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Individual Breathwork Session

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6 Indv. Breath/Coaching Combo Sessions



Buy 5 sessions and get 1 free

Valid for one year

Breathwork and Coaching Combination Sponsor is a non-profit organization that provides resources to survivors of intimate crimes and their supporters with no strings attached in a non-harmful way.


Empowered Camping

Teaching first time campers how to camp through a 3 day camping event. At this event, we teach people how to set up a tent, build a camp fire, and how to cook over the fire. We also take you on short hikes and bike rides and hold other empowering workshops to help you feel empowered to get outside.

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