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M-Powered for your next adventure!

Things to do

  • Woodhill sits on the northern boundary of Price City just behind C Hill. There are 50 miles of mountain biking, trail running, hiking (30 of which are single track), and ATV trails that can be accessed from the property. There is a trail for everyone from beginners and families, to experts who enjoy more technical terrain. Luke Loop and Knott Pete's Rim can both be accessed from the dirt parking area just north of the Price City water tank within the property.
  • Want to go back in time? There are several options that might interest you.
    • If Native American culture is your thing, don't miss out on the natural and cultural beauty offered in 9 Mile Canyon. Just follow highway 6 to the east edge of Wellington city to spend the day exploring beautifully preserved rock art.​
    • Alternatively, you can head south on highway 10 to visit the Buckhorn Wash pictograph panel in the San Rafael Swell.
    • While you are in the San Rafael Swell, don't miss your opportunity to visit the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry where you can see real dinosaur bones excavation in person.
    • If you are hoping to get out of the sun, check out the  Prehistoric Museum in Price where you will see exhibits featuring dinosaurs, Native American artifacts and rotating art galleries.
  • 15 minutes north, at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon, is Historic Helper where you can visit restored old gas stations, refurbished buildings, art galleries and the Mining & Railroad Museum.
  • 30 minutes south along highway 10 through Orangeville is world premier bouldering up Joes Valley
  • 2 hours south via highway 6 and Interstate 70, you will run into Moab with both the Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park as well as Utah State Park, Dead Horse Point.
  • 2 hours north is Salt Lake City where you can visit Temple Square, Snow Bird and other Ski resorts.
  • Goblin Valley State Park also offers red rocks in the shapes of sand stone goblins. While you are there don't forget to cool off in the shade of Little Wild Horse's slot canyon. Sponsor is a non-profit organization that provides resources to survivors of intimate crimes and their supporters with no strings attached in a non-harmful way.


Empowered Camping

Teaching first time campers how to camp through a 3 day camping event. At this event, we teach people how to set up a tent, build a camp fire, and how to cook over the fire. We also take you on short hikes and bike rides and hold other empowering workshops to help you feel empowered to get outside.


Desert Wave Triathlon

August 27th

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